Open your sinuses and breathe freely again with natural remedies. Are you among the 7% of people who have trouble breathing because of allergies to pollen, dust, animal dander or mold, a condition known as allergic rhinitis? Maybe your nose is stuffed due to non-allergic irritants, a condition known simply as rhinitis. Or you could be one of the 13% of the population suffer from chronic inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis). If you experience congestion in the upper respiratory system, you know the frustration you can feel from nost being able to breathe freely through your nose. 

Unfortunately, many of the treatments offered by modern medicine for these conditions offer only symptomatic relief, so people often struggle with them for many years. Fortunately there are ways to move beyond symptomatic relief and correct the underlying causes of these conditions. 

Allergic rhinitis is caused by an overly sensitive immune response reacting to substances in the environment. The immune system overproduces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. When antibodies attach to an allergen, it causes your body to release histamine, which triggers inflammation. It also triggers the sinus discharge, watery eyes and sneezing, all which are attempts to flush the irritating substances away from the eyes, nasal passages and sinuses.

The inflammatory reaction can also make the eyes red and itchy. Excess mucus production in the sinuses can create pain and pressure. Drainage into the throat can result in coughing and sore throat. As post nasal secretions are swallowed into the stomach, they can even irritate the digestive tract, resulting in gas, loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort. 

When rhinitis symptoms occur year-round, the allergic reactions are caused by irritants other than pollen, such as dust, dust mites, animal dander, feathers and mold. There is also a form of non-allergic rhinitis that can be caused by household cleaning agents, cosmetics, perfumes and other chemicals.

Staying well hydrated by drinking lots of water can greatly reduce allergic reactions. Since mucus and tears contain salt, taking a pinch of natural salt with several glasses of water helps rapidly flush the irritants from the tissues.

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