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At Herb Shop Wellness Center, we offer testing and consultations to provide your body the right nutrients to heal and rejuvenate itself. The body has an innate intelligence that knows how to eliminate disease, restore balance, and rebuild organs and tissue. Therefore, we do not focus on illness but rather on strength and balance of body tissues. We do not fight disease we assist our clients in strengthening their body so they can heal.  Everyone can achieve an optimal level of health through proper diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

All wellness consultations are conducted in a similar manner, each client receives a bio-scan and a consultation (optional Oligo Scan).  In the consultation, family and personal health histories are discussed as well as current health concerns and lifestyle.  In each appointment, you will be educated about how the body functions so you know what to expect and feel when your body begins to take care of itself.  You are also given a personalized supplement protocol based upon your individual needs.

We customize care for each person because no two people are alike. Your protocol is designed to help you achieve results on a continued basis, striving to get you back to feeling your best as soon as possible.

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Services available in the wellness consultations:

  • BTA (Biological Terrain Assessment)   $175.00    Overnight Fasting required – Two-step appointment: Early morning specimen drop off (15 minutes) with same day results and consultation, testing/lab review (45 minute) appointment. Includes:  saliva/urine measured with the QFA 300 (quantitative fluid analyzer); fasting specimens measure pH, Redox potential and resistivity; saliva Nitric Oxide and urine testing (Chem-10 strip for urine sulfate, nitrate, ammonia, adrenal, calcium, leaky gut)  Darkfield live and dry blood analysis (Darkfield Microscopy) blood glucose.
  • Zyto Balance Scan     $  45.00    (5-10 minute test, instant results)  Uses a hand cradle and reads galvanic transdermal impulses to identify nutritional needs and body system challenges.
  • Oligo Scan     $ 150.00  (5-10 minute test, instant results) Uses specialized spectrophotometer which send light through the palm. The refraction of light on elements, minerals and heavy metal is interpreted immediately into a report that list levels of 20 minerals and 14 heavy metals and what body system/functions are affected.
  • General Consultation/Medical Lab Review    $  45.00  (30-minute consultation)     Functional blood review looks at a blood panel with a much stricter criteria and recommendations will involve changes in food and drink selections, hydration, exercise or supplements. Whereas doctors will tell patients everything is good because the patient doesn’t qualify for additional medications or medical procedures.

RECOMMENDED TESTING PACKAGE: BTA-Zyto-Oligoscan and  blood panel review – Regularly $415.00

          COMBINATION PRICING  $350         

  • Blood type testing                 $20    If you don’t know your blood type, no worries! We have a simple test to determine your blood type.
  • Food allergy test                    $350  Food inflammation test uses the newest discovery in immune response to test for 132 food and food additive reactions.
  • Nutritional Genetics              $450  Every food – nutrient  we intake goes through numerous steps/processes to become cellular food necessary for metabolism. Every process uses a specific enzyme and how or if these processes work is influenced by genetics.
  • Pharmacogenetics                $450   Medications, prescription mediications or over-the-counter and many supplements response different in people because of various genetic influence. This test can qualify for insurance.

Our integrated approach treats the whole person with diet, supplements, bodywork, and other safe, non-invasive healing modalities as needed.   In our programs, we use natural gentle means to strengthen the body and restore health, improve wellness, and increase longevity.  We are dedicated to helping our clients learn more about how to naturally care for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  We use many different assessment tools that cross check and validate each other – the comprehensive consultation process, biological terrain assessment, bio scan, Oligo scan, DNA assessment and more.

Restoration of your health is a cooperative process between you and your health care practitioner.  After the consultation, your active and ongoing participation is critical to your success.

Herb Shop: Our Responsibility

During a consultation, we will go over your intake forms, discussing health history and assess results of any lab work the client may have done.   With this information and our knowledge and experience, we will recommend an herbal and nutritional supplement protocol to strengthen the body systems that are in need.   Our responsibility is to get as much accurate information as possible, interpret the information and give you the best program possible.   Because every person’s body is different, it is not always possible to give the perfect protocol the first time.   By reviewing your body’s response and making any necessary changes to your protocol, we will be able to help you meet your health goals.   This will require participation on your part. Which begins with:


Your role is to participate in this process.   Although positive thoughts have been shown to improve health, you do not have to believe that herbs can help you feel better.  All you must do is take them, and do the following three things.

1.  You must stay in communication.  If you have important questions, call me at (334) 271-2882.  If you are experiencing any symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, flu symptoms, dizziness, headache), it is important to call me.  It is my goal to give you a program that supports healing without unnecessary symptoms, but, if you have symptoms, do not take over-the-counter remedies, call me.  My voice mail is always available and I will call you back as quickly as I can.

2.  You must follow the program that you have chosen to the best of your ability.  The healing process is slow and gradual.  Your continued participation is more important than a dramatic change that only lasts a week or two.  The first hurdle is to establish a habit of taking the herbs daily.  The second hurdle is to learn to plan ahead and order herbs before you run out.  If money is an issue, ask me about discounts.

3.  You must listen to your body and learn what heals and what does not.  Often, we get sick because our attention is on everything in our life but our health.   We have forgotten to take care of our body.   If you have symptoms, your body needs attention.   It does no good to come in to see us, like bringing your car to the mechanic, and ask me to, “Fix it!”  You’re the reason you’re not feeling well and you can best determine your path to health.   Herb Shop Wellness Center is a resource.  We can teach you and give you information.  The choices and the responsibility are yours.

You must learn to listen to your body.  You must respond to its needs for rest and proper nutrition.  Become a cooperative partner in your life.  Many of us have had times when our body felt like a piece of baggage that we had to drag around.  At these times, it may have felt that your body was an enemy.  Nourishing your body will help you overcome these feelings

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Please note:  State law allows any person to provide nutritional advice or advice concerning proper nutrition- which is the giving of advice as to the role of food and food ingredients, including dietary supplements.  The state law does NOT confer authority to practice medicine, or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury or mental or physical condition and specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health professional to state that any product might cure disease, disorder. or condition.

I understand that, if the area for which I am requesting attention is a medical or psychological problem, it is my responsibility to seek proper medical or psychological care.  I understand that Biological Terrain Assessment, Oligoscan, DNA testing and Bio-Scans are adjunctive techniques.

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