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Good Health is all About pH Balance!!

 Good Health is all about pH Balance! 3 Steps to a Life-long pH Balance and Good Healt   Test your saliva pH one time every week Take an effective liquid supplement DAILY to balance pH quickl Eliminate factors that work against your body’s natural pH balance.    The human body is a marvelous creation, designed to …

HUmineral, humic acid


Dr. Schmidt, ND and guest Candace discuss the importance of humic and fulvic acid minerals and HUMineral dietary supplements with anti-viral properties. These minerals transport nutrients directly to your cells.

vitamin d, sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D

Vitamin D – Efficacy and Deficiency Dr. Schmidt discusses Vitamin D, known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” and “Miracle Supplement”, its efficacy and deficiency and why it’s important to check your Vitamin D levels every time you have your bloodwork done.

Alabama Family Trust

Alabama Family Trust

Alabama Family Trust Special guest Doug Marshall of Alabama Family Trust, a not-for-profit that administers special needs trusts for children & adults, helping enable them to attain core government assistance, in addition to their assets to increase their quality of life.