About Us

Welcome to Herb Shop Wellness Center

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With over 20 years experience, Carl Schmidt, ND is a Board Certified Naturopath and  certified herbal specialist, specially trained in blood cell analysis. Our wellness center offers proven results when wellness testing and supplement protocols are put into practice.

We offer:

  • Complete Nutrition/Wellness Coaching
  • Biological Terrain Assessment
  • Board-Certified Naturopath on duty
  • Skin Specialist
  • Comprehensive line of nutritional supplements with expert customer service support
  • Wellness Rooms
  • Relax and Recharge Room
  • InfraRed Sauna
  • InfraRed Heating Pad/Doom
  • Chi machine
  • Compass Testing
  • Live Blood Evaluation
  • Advanced Urine Analysis
  • Quantitative Fluid Analysis
  • Organic Skincare Products
  • Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)
  • Educational Classes
  • Bemer Pad Treatments

Appointments are available for wellness consultations, BTA testing, and consultations with Dr. Carl Schmidt,ND. Book Now online!